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Terms and Conditions of Hire


• Payment must be made in full 7 days prior to the booking date, unless otherwise agreed when booking

• All deposits are non-refundable

• We cannot be responsible for any unforeseen circumstances (weather, breakdowns, etc) that cause the booking to be unable to be carried out/completed.  In the event of a breakdown, every effort shall be made to either fix the problem to continue the journey, replace the vehicle with the next most similar available, or to transfer the booking to another company.  Any extra costs will be incurred by us, and if it is not possible for us to replace/transfer then a full refund will be given

• Please do not ask the driver to exceed the maximum amount of passengers for the vehicle

• Smoking is not permitted inside the vehicle.  The right to terminate the hire is reserved should any person or persons participate in any illegal substances along with the relevant authorities being notified

• There is to be no drink or food in the vehicle unless otherwise agreed with the driver (driver’s decision is final) or when the booking was made

• It is a legal requirement that all passengers in forward facing seats must wear seatbelts.  No standing while the vehicle is in motion

• Please respect your driver and the vehicle.  Abusive or dangerous behaviour will not be tolerated and the driver is within his/her rights to terminate the journey at any point

• The driver is within his/her rights to refuse any person he/she deems unfit to travel in the vehicle

• At least 24hours notice must be given should any of the booking details change, and it will be dependant on other work whether these changes are possible

• Pick up times must be strictly adhered to due to affecting other bookings.  The driver is within his/her rights to leave after a short courtesy wait (15mins) if the times are not adhered to

• Any variation to the agreed pick up/drop off points or increase in hire time (such as waiting time) will incur an additional charge to be paid to the driver before the vehicle continues.  Any variation is dependant on further bookings and is at the driver’s discretion (driver’s decision is final)

• We cannot be responsible for any personal possessions left in the vehicles

•  £60 Soilage charge for any sickness or spillages is payable immediately to the driver and is the responsibility of the hirer named

• Any damages caused to the vehicle or it’s contents will be charged at the retail cost of repair, along with any loss of earnings incurred should that vehicle have to remain off the road for any period of time – these costs are the responsibility of the hirer

• Any additional charges incurred not paid for at the time in cash will be debited from original card details provided, a receipt sent out within 48hours.  Where no card details are supplied, any outstanding amounts are to be settled within 7 days

Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult to travel, unless otherwise agreed upon booking

On any journey, in any vehicle, all passengers must respect the driver and the vehicle at all times - failure to do so may result in the journey being terminated.  No refund will be given

Any Party Bus bookings made are only guaranteed a Party Bus on the outward journey.  For the safety of all passengers, if the driver deems the passengers heavily intoxicated on the return journey, there will be no loud music or flashing lights of any kind

• The named hirer is responsible for making sure that these terms and conditions are adhered to by all persons travelling and there will be no refunds given if the terms and conditions are broken

• The named hirer will be asked to sign a Driver's Job Sheet to agree to all of our terms and conditions before travel commences.

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